Ema stands out as an elite makeup artist in Romania’s beauty industry.

Known for her precise and elegant approach, Ema is enhancing the natural beauty of each woman, using remarkable techniques.


Ema Uta has over 16 years of experience in the makeup industry and is appreciated and loved for her extraordinary talent; she is a true master of makeup who excels through her technique. Known for her precise and elegant approach, Ema enhances the natural beauty of each woman with her talent and skills.

Since 2015, Ema has been sharing her knowledge by training many grils and women at her own makeup courses, becoming an influential presence in developing the skills of aspiring artists. Numerous trainees have benefited from her expertise over the years, absorbing the technique and passion she conveys in every course day and makeup look she teaches her trainees to reproduce.

Passionate and dedicated, Ema Uta has gained recognition for her high-quality work and exceptional results. She is an inspirational model for many girls and women in Romania, highlighting the fact that, starting from passion and perseverance, any dream can become  reality. Through this, Ema Uta in not only a master of makeup, but also a mentor who encourages aspirations and self-confidence.


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Ema Uta

The course of Ema Uta takes place over a period of 2 weeks, 4 hours daily, from 16:00 to 20:00, without weekends, in the University Square area, Bucharest.

We provide all the the products for the course, except the brushes. The participants bring their own brushes. If they don’t have brushes, we make recommendations and facilitate a 30% discount at Mac Cosmetics.

A maximum of 16 people can participate in a course session, with participants taking turns applying makeup on each other (no makeup models needed). We offer discounts on professional product brands both during and after the course. Demonstration and practice are the main focus if this course.


  • Eyebrow makeup
  • Face makeup
  • Bronzy Make-up
  • Smokey Eyes
  • Eyeliner
  • Smokey Cat Eyes
  • Bridal

The course is accredited by the  Ministry of Education, but to participate in the exam you must have completed 10 classes in Romania or equivalent if you have completed them in other countries. If you have not completed the 10 required classes, you can attend the course, but not the exam. In this case, you will only receive a participation diploma.

The advance registration fee is 2000 lei, with the rest of the sum due by the start date of the course. If you want to participate in any of the courses, you must already reserve your spot.


Filming is allowed outside of the demonstration periods but strictly forbidden during them. By participating in the course, you declare that you are aware of the privacy policy and agree to the processing of personal data.


for billing process, send the following on
WHATSAPP +40 729 031 165

a copy of your ID card

specifying the date of the course you want to attend